Do have unfiled tax returns or unpaid tax debt? Are you faced with a tax liability that is not correct or may never be paid? Are you in need of tax help for your income and payroll tax debtproblems? Our tax consultants specialize in not only preparing multiple years of unfiled tax returns, but also contesting tax liabilities and negotiating tax settlements on federal, state, individual, business, income, and payroll tax debt.

Tax Consultants

Our tax consultants consist of tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPA’s that specialize in providing tax help with unpaid tax debt and unfiled tax returns. Our ultimate goal is to minimize your tax liability, whether by negotiating a tax settlement, contesting an existing tax liability, or by claiming all possible expenses and deductions as allowed on your tax returns. The ever-changing tax codes and regulations make it difficult for the average taxpayer to stay current with available tax relief programs, and professional representation is oftentimes required.

One of the most common problems associated with a tax practice involves knowing exactly what laws have come into effect and how they will impact your tax filings. Additionally, different tax agencies offer different programs for tax relief, and each program has its own set of guidelines and requirements. Finding the services of a qualified tax professional that is knowledgeable with the tax codes as well as tax relief programs is the best solution to your tax problem. Our tax consultants have the knowledge, resources, and expertise to manage the tax needs that are specific to your situation.

Tax Help

Dealing with federal and state tax debt may become a complicated matter, especially if you are required to file with the IRS and more than one state tax agency. Different states have different tax forms, tax rates, reporting requirements, etc. Our team of knowledgeable tax consultants can work with you to achieve the best possible resolution with each tax agency. We offer a wide range of tax services backed by our years of experience in providing federal and state, individual and business, income and payroll tax help. These services include offer in compromise, installment agreement, penalty abatement, currently not collectible, garnishment and levy release, and audit reconsideration.

For more information on tax consultants, tax help, and income and payroll tax debt issues, please call us for a free, confidential consultation. If you are searching for a highly qualified representative to negotiate on your behalf, we offer our services with the highest levels of quality and professionalism. Through our team of expert tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPA’s, we can help in resolving your tax problems and obtaining a fresh start towards financial freedom.

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