Are you searching for tax assistance with IRS or state tax debt? Do you need help with tax preparation or possibly an overall tax reduction? Are you seeking a tax compromise for overdue taxes, penalties, and interest? Our team of tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPA’s is readily available to advise you of the different courses of action that can be taken on your particular case.

Tax Assistance

Seeking the right form of tax assistance is an important part of the tax relief process. With the right kind of assistance, preparation, and negotiation, you will find that tax debt relief is an attainable possibility. However, if you pursue a course of action that may not be the best avenue for relief, you may be faced with unnecessary expense and wasted time and effort. Therefore, it is important that an experienced tax professional guide you through this entire process.

Tax Reduction & Tax Compromise

Tax reduction is a viable result when seeking tax debt relief. There are several different options that may allow you to pay a fraction of your total tax debt. One such program that can achieve a tax reduction is an offer in compromise. If you can demonstrate that an outstanding tax debt will probably never be repaid within a reasonable amount of time, the IRS may agree to a tax compromise and accept payment for less than the total debt.

If an outstanding tax debt remains unpaid, interest and penalties can accrue rapidly and substantially increase the overall tax liability. If the tax debt is not eventually resolved, you will be faced with a liability that will continue to grow, and any payments that you make will have a negligible impact on the overall debt. In order to stop this never-ending cycle, it may be necessary for you to obtain a tax compromise, and our tax professionals are available to guide you through this process. Experience is the key to providing the best possible assistance with tax debt issues, and we have gained the necessary experience through years of tax representation and negotiation service.

For more information on tax assistance, tax reduction, and tax compromise, please call us for a free, confidential consultation. If you are searching for a highly qualified representative to negotiate on your behalf, we offer our services with the highest levels of quality and professionalism. Through our team of expert tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPA’s, we can help in resolving your tax problems and obtaining a fresh start towards financial freedom.

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