Are you looking for IRS debt relief from unpaid taxes? If you need help in resolving your tax problems or negotiating some form of IRS tax relief, the right tax professional can provide you with the income tax help you need. Our team of tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPA’s is readily available to discuss your case and advise you of the options that are available to you.

IRS Debt Relief

Whether you need to file tax returns for multiple years, arrange some type of a payment resolution, or need to stop pending collection action, there are various IRS debt relief options available to you. Our tax professionals can work with you to implement a plan of action that involves preparing all necessary tax returns and negotiating a settlement on the outstanding tax debt. At the same time, we can put a stop to ongoing collection activity and secure a hold on any future action. Speak with one of our tax professionals today and learn how to take advantage of available IRS debt relief programs.

IRS Tax Relief & Income Tax Help

If you are looking for income tax help, available options include an offer in compromise, which would result in a settlement of the total tax debt. An installment agreement will allow you to make monthly payments over a period of at least five years. “Currently not collectible” will put your account in a hardship status, in which case no payments need to be made and the IRS will not take any collection action against you. Another option is a penalty abatement, which would result in the waiver of some, if not all, of the penalties that have accumulated on your account.

The facts and circumstances of your particular case will determine which form of IRS tax relief is right for you. While a variety of services may be available for your specific set of circumstances, each form of tax relief will likely achieve varying degrees of success. Experience is the key to providing the best possible solution to your tax debt issues, and we have gained the necessary experience through years of tax representation and negotiation service.

For more information on IRS debt relief, IRS tax relief, and income tax help, please call us for a free, confidential consultation. If you are searching for a highly qualified representative to negotiate on your behalf, we offer our services with the highest levels of quality and professionalism. Through our team of expert tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPA’s, we can help in resolving your tax problems and obtaining a fresh start towards financial freedom.

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